Your Privacy is important to us

Your privacy is important to us

This Parish, as part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act. The Parish respects and values the personal information that the parishioners and other members of the community are willing to entrust to it, and this policy explains how the Parish collects, holds, uses, discloses and otherwise manages that personal information. It does not relate to records collected and held by the Parish school. The school has a separate policy statement, which is available from Resurrection Catholic Primary School website or by calling the school.


The Parish may from time to time review and update this policy to comply with all relevant legislation and to take account of changes in technology, changes to the Parish’s operations and practices and to make sure that it remains relevant to the Parish environment.


What kind of personal information does the Parish collect and how does it collect it?

Personal information


Personal information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, regardless of whether the information or opinion is true or not, or whether it is recorded in a material form or not.


Sensitive information

Sensitive information is a subset of personal information which is given a higher level of protection under the Privacy Act. It includes, amongst other things, health information about you, your criminal record and your religious beliefs or affiliations.


The Parish collects and holds personal information, which may include sensitive information about: children and their parents and/or guardians and may be related to children receiving sacraments or pastoral care. It may relate to the child’s enrolment at the Parish school after school care facility, or sporting association; persons receiving sacraments or pastoral care and witnesses to sacraments; job applicants, volunteers and contractors; or fundraising, including banking or other payment details.

The Parish will generally collect your personal information by way of forms filled out either by the individual or the parent/guardian, face to face meetings, interviews, telephone calls, email and via the parish school.


Personal information provided by other people

In some circumstances the Parish may be provided with your personal information from a third party including other parishes, e.g. a reference about an applicant for a position.

In some cases where you do not provide personal information requested by the Parish, the Parish may not be able to assess your job or volunteer application sacramental enrollment. You may also choose to deal with the Parish on an anonymous basis. However we will need to have working with children check or police check in many circumstances for example to administer certain sacraments or to provide care for other children or to process job roles or volunteer roles.


Use of information


We will collect and maintain in our database (census)  certain personal identifiable information from you only when you provide it to us on a voluntary basis, for example, when you make an inquiry, contact us, subscribe to our newsletter or forums, or email us.


Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided and it will not be added to a mailing list or used for any other purpose without your consent.


We will not share any information about you with third parties, except as provided by civil privacy legislation.


Information collected


The Parish collects some personal information from Parishioners about:

  • census

  • stewardship

  • administering sacraments to them and or their children

  • meeting our legal obligation of duty of care to persons under our care or supervision

  • requesting your services as a volunteer from time to time and/or solicit financial assistance

  • fulfilling our administrative needs

  • volunteers and contractors

  • other people who come into contact with the Parish

  • photos taken and collected to use for the Parish website, bulletins, and Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • school children and families

  • parishioners

  • group/ministry volunteers

  • employees

  • RE families and program.


Personal information you provide


The Parish will generally collect personal information held about an individual by way of forms filled out by parishioner staff or individuals, face-to-face meetings and interviews, emails and telephone calls. On occasions people other than Parishioners provide personal information.




Parish records include Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage and Death records. Parishes may also have a Parish Census Card. These are all documents a Parish must keep as they are necessary for the function and activity of a Parish. Collection notices outlining the intended use of the information should be issued when gathering all records.


Personal information provided by other people


In some circumstances the Parish may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example a report provided by a medical professional or a reference from another parish.




The Parish also obtains personal information about volunteers who assist the Parish in its functions or conduct associated activities (e.g. Year of Mercy Mission), to enable the Parish and the volunteers to work together. All the volunteers need to follow private policy of the Parish.


Who might the Parish disclose personal information to?


The Parish may disclose personal information, with your permission, held about an individual to:


  • other organisations (e.g. other parishes, the Archdiocese of Melbourne) for administrative or practical reasons

  • government departments

  • people providing services to the Parish and recipients of Parish publication

  • anyone you authorise the parish to disclose information to

  • anyone to whom we are required to disclose the information to by law.


How does the Parish treat sensitive information?


In referring to 'sensitive information', the Parish means: information relating to any such disclosure will involve your personal consent. Your details will always be treated with care and respect (and you may access your parish record at any time by contacting the Parish office).


Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose, unless you agree otherwise. The use or disclosure of the sensitive information is allowed by law.


Correction and updating personal information


The Parish endeavours to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete, and up to date, and where using or disclosing it, relevant for the purpose of the use or disclosure.


A person may seek to update their personal information held by the Parish by contacting the Parish at any time on the details below. If the Parish is unable to correct your information, it will give you notice of this in writing and explain why and how you can take the matter further. You can also request that the Parish associate a statement with the information that you believe is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.


Consent and right of access to the personal information of children


Whether a child has the capacity to make their own privacy decisions is assessed by the Parish on a case by case basis having regard to matters such as their age and circumstance. Generally an individual over 18 years will have the capacity to make their own privacy decisions.


For children under 18 years of age or who otherwise do not have capacity to make these decisions for themselves, the Parish will refer any requests for consent and notices in relation to personal information to the parent and/or guardian. The Parish will treat consent given by a parent and/or guardian as consent given on behalf of the child and notices to parent and/or guardians will act as notice given to the child.


Enquiries and complaints


If you would like further information about the way the Parish manages personal information, contact the Parish.