Serving others is central to being a Christian. After Jesus had washed the disciples’ feet he said, "So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet" (John 13:14). The word "ministry" comes from a Latin word meaning service. Every Christian should take this instruction of Jesus seriously.  Most Catholics serve others by participating in a ministry in their parish.

Are you following Jesus' instruction? In what way do you serve? It does not matter if you are new to Resurrection or you have been here for a long time there is a ministry for you. Please read the following description of each Resurrection Ministry and then make a one year commitment to at least one Ministry.

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Would you like to help with the data projection? Are you currently helping with the data projection? Would you like to operate the camera during 10.30am Mass? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this might be your ministry.



Within Resurrection parish there are approximately 13,500 homes. At Christmas and Easter each of these homes receives our specially designed brochure with an invitation to join our celebrations.

Our parish is divided into 38 zones so each person committing to this ministry has about 400 brochures to deliver by way of a letter-box drop.



Being part of a choir is pure joy for many people. You might be a couple or a single person or perhaps a family; by joining a choir you will get to know and make friends with other talented Resurrection parishioners.

Resurrection is blessed to have nine parish choirs. Each choir has its own distinctive style. All our choirs welcome new members. If you are already in a choir this is your ministry, however in signing up for a choir please indicate the name of your present choir.



Except for Advent and Lent there are flowers in our church all the year. The parish purchases the flowers; but they need to be arranged. 

Some people have a real gift in flower arrangement. If this is you this might be your ministry. 




"Many hands make light work." 


This proverb certainly rings true when it comes to church cleaning. Our church is well used over the course of a week. It needs to be cleaned.

Paying professional cleaners would be very expensive. So parishioners committing to this ministry are doing two things; firstly they return our church to a state were we can worship and secondly they save the parish a lot of money.

There are usually eight teams so a turn every eight weeks would seem reasonable. Cleaning happens on either of Friday or Saturday morning, usually around 9am.

Joining other parishioners in this ministry is a great way of meeting people. Alternately you might like the flexibility of having your own team. All you need to do is gather five or six other parishioners to join you.




The espresso coffee machine in our narthex requires skill to use. You can be taught. This is a fun ministry for those over 15 year of age. Depending on the time of the Mass you might take a turn once every five or six weeks to help make coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. You will be working as a team with other parishioners. If you know how to use a large espresso machine or be willing to learn this can be a ministry.



Perhaps some might see this as less glamorous than actually making the coffee but it is surely no less important. It is like being at home and doing the dishes. Somebody has to do it. Some parishioners find real joy in serving others. 

Again working as a team and taking a turn to clean up can be fun. It is also a great way to meet other parishioners. 

This is an ideal ministry for a family to take on together. How about taking a turn once a month?



Each week on either a Sunday or Monday morning our weekend collections are counted. As money is involved the counting has to be done both accurately and professionally.

Usually there are eight counting teams so depending on the number committing to this ministry a turn every two months is likely. 

We have a coin-counting machine that has cut down the time involved.


This is a terrific way of getting to know other parishioners.




Being a Collector is a ministry. Some might see this ministry as no more than passing the collection basket. But when you stop and think of what is being collected and the reason for a collection it takes on a different meaning. Why? Because what is collected comes from Resurrection parishioners; it is their stewardship offering. This offering enables the mission of the Risen Jesus entrusted to the parishioners of Resurrection to continue. A certain graciousness and a friendly smile will always make this a more rewarding ministry.



The data projector in the church has provided a new way to serve others. This means setting up before the 6pm Mass and packing up afterwards. On a Sunday it is setting up before 9am Mass and packing up after the 10.30am Mass. You need to arrive 10 minutes early to set up. Training will be provided; ideal way for young people to be involved. Perhaps you might like to help create the data slides on MS PowerPoint.




There are some chefs both professional and amateur in the parish that might choose this as their ministry. 

During the year we have some functions based around a meal. It might be for Prep families, families with children having special needs, a day for all Parish Groups, a lunch for new parishioners or a host of other functions. 

On days such as these it would be great to have a couple of parishioners to call on to help prepare the food. The parish will supply the food but the preparation is another matter.

Can you help? You might consider helping the “chefs” by serving the food or you can help by cleaning up.



One of the first things visitors to Resurrection notice and comment on are our gardens. They are much admired and have been loved to life by many people over the years. 

Our four annual working bees achieve good results. But weeds do grow, lawns need cutting, and roses need pruning. Again this ministry has flexibility as regards to day and time.


Parishioners committing to this ministry can work by themselves or with others. A parishioner might commit to a particular garden to look after. It would be ideal for anybody not in full-time work and perhaps would get somebody out of the house.




Hospitality and Christianity go together. It is never just an add-on.


Fortunately Resurrection parishioners embrace this tenet of our faith by making Hospitality one of our most popular ministries. It involves taking a turn once every five or six weeks to greet people as they arrive for Mass, offer new parishioners a New Parishioner Pack, provide information at the Welcome Desk as required, and generally be on the lookout to help people.


After Mass the Hospitality Minister offers the Parish Bulletin to parishioners as they leave. This is an ideal ministry for an individual parishioner or a whole family might be involved.


Because greeting parishioners as they arrive is part of this ministry it follows that Hospitality Ministers need to come 20-30 minutes before Mass commences when they are "on duty". There will be a training session for all parishioners committing to this ministry.




As the name implies this ministry is to help maintain our property and plant. Are you a handy person? Can you change a light globe? Are you "good with your hands"? You can choose to work alone or with another parishioner. You can choose to come in regularly (say on a Tuesday morning) or simply come as needed.




After Mass there is both cleaning and tidying to be done. Sacred vessels need to be washed, and stored. Liturgical books need to be put away. Sacristies need to be tidied. All this takes between ten and fifteen minutes.




For over fifty years it has been possible for non-ordained persons to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion. Often called Eucharistic Ministers people called to this ministry have the honour along with the priest of offering the Body or Blood of Christ to worshippers.

It is therefore self-evident that a person called to this ministry must have a love of Eucharist themselves. Eucharist must be distributed with reverence. There are proper procedures. Looking at these procedures at a training session will deepen your understanding of Eucharistic theology and help us to realise it is a privilege to offer the Body or Blood of Christ to another person.




Our Parish Office is a very busy place. If you would like to help with photo copying, filing, answering the telephone, using a computer and the like please make this your ministry. You could help on a regular basis or be on call when help is urgently needed.




It would be a significant cost to the parish if professional cleaners were employed to clean the Parish Office. Since the Parish Office opened over eight years ago a small number of dedicated parishioners come to clean the Parish office. Depending on the number who commit to this ministry a turn once every seven or eight weeks would seem reasonable. The good thing is that you can clean the office at a time to suit you – as the Parish Office is open seven days a week.




Do you enjoy baking a cake? There are occasions during the year when it would be good to have someone bake a cake, make some sandwiches, or bake some biscuits. The occasion might be a special parish gathering, a vigil for a funeral, or a parish meeting. If you commit to this ministry you might be called on five or six times during the year. This is a very good stay-at-home ministry and yet very important.




Our parish is concerned about the environment and conserving water is a priority. Ten water tanks have been installed along with a watering system. But taps need to be turned on as required during the summer and as permitted. There are some gardens that need to be watered by hand.





"When Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself is speaking to his people, and Christ, present in his own Word, is proclaiming the Gospel".


This quote is from the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and perhaps best catches the importance of Proclamation in Catholic Liturgy.

The Ministry of Proclamation needs first of all a love of God’s Word. Liturgy demands a proclamation, it follows that Proclaimer rather than Reader better describes this ministry. 

Careful preparation goes hand in hand with this ministry. There will be a training session for all Proclaimers, readings are available two weeks in advance, and a pronunciation guide is provided.


Why not experience the thrill of Proclaiming God’s Word to the assembly?




During the year there are four Saturday morning working bees. The parish Maintenance Group plans the scope of works; however how many jobs get completed depends on how many people come to the working bee.


Working bees are usually in February, June, September and November. Perhaps this is this where you can serve. Is this your ministry?